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Project Name

img Project Name
This is the name of your project that will appear on top of the configurator. It is advised that you name your project the same as your Onshape element.

API Keys

img API keys
First, you need to create an API Key with the Developer Portal. https://dev-portal.onshape.com/
Click on "API Keys" on the left menu tab, then on the "Create new API Key" on the top right corner.
API keys allow our app to get all necessary information from your Onshape assembly to generate a web template with configuration, 3D preview, cad exports, and drawing exports of an assembly. 
After you are done using the Onshape configurator, you can easily delete created API keys so our app will not have access to your document.

Document Link

img Document Link
Open your assembly element in the Onshape document and copy the URL and paste it in this field.